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New Era of Web Design

Website Design

New Era of Web Design

Web design in many cases, your website, online store, or blog is going to be the first impression you make on a potential client or customer. That’s why you should aim to hire a professional for web design and many other online web services we provide if you can. The right designer or developer will be able to build a great-looking site that’s also functional and easy to navigate and commits to conversions.

The benefits of working with a professional more than outweigh the drawbacks. It’s a small expense to some degree but, working with an expert will be able to save you a lot of trouble down the road. If you choose the right designer, you’ll wind up with a site that you want to show off.

WordPress CMS Platform Web Development

Content Management System

 What Is A Content Management System?

A CMS or content management system is an application that is used to manage digital content.

Typically speaking, the most popular CMS is for websites and web content. One such example is WordPress which can be used to create and manage web content on a website.
There are many different features and customizations of a CMS and we will help educate your team on how to use and navigate around such a platform.

There are many options of a CMS as well and so you must understand as well we will explain the benefits and features that will enable you to easily change, add, and or remove sections, content, and variations of media from your website.

Our company’s intention certainly is to educate your team or specific person on the process of how to work around the CMS platform by providing instructions via screencast or in person upon request.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Use SEO Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the use of keywords that can assist a company in having their website pulled up more readily in the search engines.

Aside from keyword research and content creation SEO can also help locate technical and metadata errors on each page and structural page problems. This is as important as the visual representation of your company website.

We use a variety of tools that help us to find the problem/s and fix them (e.g.) Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEObilty, Think Like Google to name a few tools that help us to ensure that your website is search engine compliant.

Since businesses need to know this today so that they can get the best impact from their online presence, it is necessary to know what they are doing.

The Short Version

Purpose Of Search Engine Optimization

Visibility is a key element for websites, e-commerce, and more. And for any one of the mentioned methods of design and our purpose of functionality to reach a level of success, it has to be easy to find by users. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done given the hundreds of websites, blogs, and online stores that join the “visibility” competition every day. In order to break through the noise and stand out from the crowd, effective search engine optimization strategies have to take place and implementation must become somewhat strategic as the “WWW” World Wide Web is a Universe within itself.

Also referred to as SEO, these strategies involve tweaking the website, online store, blog, and more to fit the standards set by search engines such as the juggernauts of the Internet Google, and Microsoft. Every aspect of the website, online store, blog, and others should be taken into consideration, from the overall design, a platform of choice to the plugins that are installed. And this is a necessary process to gain front-page exposure – which is where all the traffic is waiting.


Open Tech Innovations & Services

Our Web Designs are progressive and will scale up or down to any budget not to mention, more importantly, fit any viewport screen size this is the new era of web design.

That’s the Responsive Way!

The Absolute Process

We believe in a common process, well, at least we feel that a guide and or structure plan is important to organize and create a design that will attract more visitors thus improving your audience when it comes to this new era of web design.

That procedure is a guide we follow, steps to giving present-day plans, advancement, and results that you will be pleased with and which improves your business customer-facing facade from the online viewpoint.

Our steps involve Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Marketing. Each phase is thorough as it should be because you are spending the time and dedicating financial investment for such an intricate part of your company the “Online Presence”.

User Testing and Design Process
User Testing and Design Process

What is the importance of going mobile today in the new era of web design and how will it impact your business?

The Consumer

They want to land on a site in which they could locate the information they want quickly.

In any other case, the user will leave the website and begin to search elsewhere..

Company Credibility

A company that’s not at the forefront of the modern world in terms of business not having a mobile solution will pressure the consumer off of your website hurting your business thus affecting future sales.

I am sure as a reputable business you understand the importance of this particular asset.

The Competition

Will direct your audience away from you because of their user experience while visiting the company website resulting in your monetary loss..

Paid Advertisement

Not having the right company behind your solution is like stating to the consumer you aren’t that involved and you don’t mind wasting your advertising dollars.

For some companies advertising is a key component aside from the best SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

Additional Features

What We Offer

At Open Tech Innovations we offer a variety of services that range from Web Design, Development, & Hosting.

Beyond said services, we can also help with website image optimization, marketing, brand identity, content creation, and more.  You as a potential customer have stubbed upon a company that is aware of the new era of web design and what it takes to get your business where it should be on the world wide web.

We are only a phone call away: (972) 730-2478

Website Hosting

Things To Look For In A Hosting Company

When you are trying to pinpoint the right hosting company for your website, there are certain things that you will want to look for.

For one, you want to try to find a reputable hosting company with a lot of years in the industry.

On-Page SEO

To further expose a business

They (Company Hired) needs to know what keywords to use and where to place them in order to use SEO marketing in a good way. When they have them placed strategically throughout the website, they will be in much
better shape in order to bring new business their way.

If they don’t know how to do this themselves, they should hire someone else to do it for them.

This will make a big difference in their numbers.

Monthly Analytics Reports

Marketing Strategies based on captured data

SEO marketing is a powerful tool in the marketplace today for businesses.

That is because people are using the internet more and more. When they need anything they just search for it online. That’s why a company needs to do all that is required in order to make sure that the customer is getting the best exposure that they deserved online.

It makes a huge difference for them in many different ways

Our Approach To Building a website


Our Approach to Building a Website

Potential clients may not be modern to understand how the website sitemap or plan handle works.

Educating clients on our web plan process could be an extraordinary chance to illustrate your mastery, validity, and attention to detail in giving websites that get-show results factor as we know this is a new era of web design.


Making websites that individuals need to use requires an intense sum of research. 

To understand the audience who will utilize your items, products, and or services are the most current of the client and or user experience and interaction.


The design plan handles how the website will look. In this step, website wireframe is made with fundamental web page components such as the header, banner, call-outs, user reaction, widgets, and more have changed based on the uses of such design priciples in the new era of web design..

The wireframe can at that point be moved into a more practical and functional design employing the option to custom build using an Adobe XD, Photoshop CC, or simple choosing from a variety of themes that fit your budget and purpose for the audience. 


Within the creative process, the site plan is translated to genuine code that creates the site functionality and directs users in a logically comprehensive format in providing them a reason as to why they visited your companies’ website.

This process can be the most time consuming, so it is imperative to keep clients educated on the status of their website in development.


At long last, it’s time to go live with the website. Since there are numerous phases in building a website, it’s a good idea to utilize a checklist to create beyond any doubt you haven’t missed a step. This is simply put as “Quality Check or Control”. 


This final and last step of the website plan is frequently neglected by consultants, but website support is critical for the long-term wellbeing and victory of the website, as well as a source of potential repeating income.

There are a range of options that we can provide that will for certain keep the website current and in good standing with all major search engines such as Google, Bing, & Yahoo. 

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